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  1. A New Home for Nightmare Treatment Military personnel returning from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq show increasing rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and post-traumatic nightmares. Media coverage of these two vexing mental health conditions is also intensifying and raising public awareness about the need for more effective therapeutic options. With growing attention focused on [...]
  2. Her car is racing at a terrifying speed through the streets of a large city, and something gruesome, something with giant eyeballs, is chasing her, closing in fast. It was a dream, of course, and after Emily Gurule, a 50-year-old high school teacher, related it to Dr. Barry Krakow, he did not ask her to [...]
  3. Nightmares have long terrified and mystified us, and historically they have been interpreted as omens, the work of demons, or sources of self-knowledge. In recent years, more therapists are using what is known as “scripting or dream mastery,” a technique that a doctor at the P.T.S.D. Sleep Clinic at the Maimonides Sleep Arts and Sciences [...]
  4. Forty-eight comments were posted on the recent New York Times article on treatment of chronic nightmares. Reading them was illuminating and encouraging, because the overwhelming majority of writers showed a great deal of common sense in their appreciation for the use of imagery rehearsal therapy (IRT). Among this group, there were numerous stories of those [...]
  5. Heather Hauswirth KUAM Guam – In 1969 former U.S. Army sergeant Frances H. Wolford received a Purple Heart for his bravery. He was wounded in combat in Vietnam, and to this day he has flashbacks. “I was wounded in the forehead. That’s why I don’t feel like enjoying Christmas,” he described. The holidays are especially [...]
  6. by Angela Carone, Maureen Cavanaugh of KPBS When Do Nightmares Become A Sleep Disorder? One in 20 adults in the US complain of disturbing dreams, and more than twice that many children and adolescents also experience frequent nightmares, yet few chronic nightmare sufferers imagine that it is a treatable problem. We’ll talk about nightmares with [...]
  7. Video Blog: Dr. Barry Krakow discusses how patients with nightmares typically have additional sleep disorders and rarely complain about only nightmares themselves.
  8. Video Blog: We’re seeing a lot more activity at NightmareTreatment.com – We seeing more activity with the nightmare quiz and book sales: Turning Nightmares into Dreams. Dr. Barry Krakow discusses the “tipping point” of nightmare treatment and IRT, Image Rehearsal Therapy.
  9. by Barry Krakow, MD | Clinical Psychiatry News | Download PDF Imagery rehearsal therapy is a broad term for myriad cognitive-imagery treatments for chronic and potentially acute nightmare disorders. Several groups are researching specific brands of the therapy, and this modality is receiving substantial attention in two converging ways. First, several review articles have argued [...]