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Introduction to Treatment

Introduction to Nightmare Treatment

Welcome to our new website for Maimonides International Nightmare Treatment, which now replaces our 10-year old site, Center for Sleep Medicine & Nightmare Treatment.

If you or someone you know suffers from frequent nightmares and bad dreams, you are not alone. One in 20 adults in the United States complain of disturbing dreams, and more than twice that many children and adolescents also experience frequent nightmares, yet few chronic nightmare sufferers imagine that it is a treatable problem, and even fewer seek treatment for it.

Why is that? First and foremost, nightmares are scary, disturbing, bothersome, or in some other way troubling. Most people don't want to spend time recalling their bad dreams, let alone talk about them. Second, having a problem with nightmares is embarrassing, if not threatening, for most sufferers. Many chronic nightmare sufferers believe that there must be something wrong to produce such terrible visions while they sleep. Third, most people who suffer from frequent disturbing dreams often wonder about their mental health, and are therefore reluctant to delve too deeply into the causes of their bad dreams. Finally, because of or in spite of these concerns, mental health professionals tend to shy away from direct treatments for nightmares. Instead, they often focus on therapy issues and inform their patients that once therapy is successful, the bad dreams will go away.

While the psychotherapy approach clearly works for some people, we have worked with many patients who have had successful therapy for various issues, but nonetheless could not rid themselves of their disturbing dreams. Thus, psychotherapy may not consistently eliminate disturbing dreams in chronic nightmare sufferers.

In response to all these valid and serious concerns, let me introduce you to a new treatment perspective in which disturbing dreams and nightmares can be successfully reduced or eliminated with simple cognitive-behavioral methods within a few weeks or months. Feel free to browse this website and discover the resources available to you, and if you are specifically interested in pursuing treatment with Dr. Krakow please carefully read through all of the listed Services items, which you can click on in the Treatment Pathways or Nightmare Helpline.

Barry Krakow, MD

April, 2009